logo_imnInstitute of Materials Jean Rouxel (IMN)
Nantes, France
The Physics of Nanomaterials group (PMN) at the IMN is one of the key French actors in the field of carbon nanomaterials since the late 1980s, initially working on optical spectroscopy of conjugated polymers, later carbon nanotubes, and currently various carbon nanomaterials and nanocomposites.  Key specialisms are Raman and field-enhanced (SERS, TERS) spectroscopy of nanotubes, and DFT-based modeling of bonding, topology and defects.
Personnel: Chris Ewels (project coordinator), Jean-Luc Duvail.

logo-cemesCentre d’élaboration des matériaux et d’études structurale (CEMES)
Toulouse, France
CEMES is a world-renown laboratory for its leading role in the recurrent development of transmission electron microscopy (TEM) methodologies since the fifties, currently equipped with 7 different TEMs all dedicated to different kinds of (nano)materials investigations. It is also equipped with full Raman spectroscopy and near-field microscopy facilities, including unique, home-made equipment. The NanoStructured Carbons team at CEMES is headed by M. Monthioux.
Personnel: Marc Monthioux, Pascal Puech, Jacques Bonvoisin

logo-crppCentre de Recherche Paul Pascal (CRPP)
Bordeaux, France
Founded in 1963, the Paul Pascal Research Center (CRPP) is a CNRS laboratory belonging to the CNRS Chemistry Institute and the Aquitaine Regional Delegation. It is a multidisciplinary research laboratory with an international outlook and close ties to the local university.
Personnel: Alain Penicaud