PhD Position Available

A PhD position is available under the supervision of Dr Chris Ewels at the Institute of Materials Jean Rouxel, Nantes, France, starting September 2017 (start date negotiable).

The position will involve atomic scale modelling of the electronic structure and properties of edge-filled carbon nanotubes (using density functional theory via the AIMPRO code), coupled with molecular dynamics simulations of the filling processes (with empirical potentials within LAMMPS).  We are interested to understand the edge filling processes, and changes in the collapsed nanotube behaviour as a result.  Funding comes from the national ANR project “EdgeFiller”, and the position will involve working in close collaboration with the experimental project partners in Bordeaux and Toulouse.

Candidates should have:

  • An excellent background in materials physics / physical chemistry / nanoscience (including qualification to Masters level sufficient for enrollment in a PhD).
  • Experience in carbon nanoscience is a bonus, as is atomic-scale modelling, and any experience in programming and linux systems.
  • A strong sense of curiosity and exploration, preferring to try and fail sometimes rather than “sticking to the path”.
  • A team player with the ability and desire to work in collaboration with other students on related projects
  • Fluency in English.  French is an advantage but not essential (the PhD is in a French Institution with a native English speaking supervisor)
  • A desire to travel would be appreciated (visits to the other partner sites in Bordeaux and Toulouse will be essential, and there are likely to be other research visits possible, such as to Moscow, the UK, and possibly Japan)

In return we will provide:

  • Funding for a 3 year research position leading to a PhD from the University of Nantes (subject to successfully attaining the standard required by the PhD school each year).
  • Training and experience in all relevant scientific skills (notably density functional modelling, molecular dynamics modelling with empirical potentials, coding skills, also some relevant experimental skills, notably resonant Raman spectroscopy and related nanoscale characterisation techniques, possibly some electron microscopy).
  • Related scientific and “soft skills” training as provided by the PhD school (including French language training if required)
  • Scientific Research work within a vibrant, active and productive research environment, located in an Internationally competitive CNRS Materials Research Laboratory (the IMN).
  • Potential for scientific visits to the project Partners at CRPP Bordeaux and CEMES Toulouse, as well as possibly to other research partners in Moscow, the UK and Japan.
  • Possibility for involvement in other group activities, including conference organisation, science outreach activities such as school open days, science fairs (such as “Fête de la Science”) and online science video production.

Candidates should send a detailed covering letter explaining why they are interested in the post, along with a comprehensive CV, to “Standardised letters” not specific to this post will not be considered. There are no restrictions to applying based on nationality, and we are a committed equal opportunities employer.  There is no closing date for applications, the post will remain open until filled.

Further details on Chris Ewels research work (including publication list).

Further details on the Institute of Materials Jean Rouxel, Nantes, France.

ANR EdgeFiller funding announced

The ANR funding decisions were announced in July 2016, and we are pleased that “EdgeFiller” is receiving funding for 54 months, beginning 1st October 2016.

EdgeFiller has been funded as part of the ANR “Projets Générique 2016” call, in Scientific Défi 7, Theme 8.


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